Amazon Cloud Services Outage

Hello Fellow TechPirates!!!!!!

As some of you are probably already aware, some of the internet has appeared broken for the last few hours. Whether you tried to turn on Netflix, tried to pin that awesome cat gif in Pinterest, or attempted to listen to that hip new pan flute group on Spotify, you might have noticed a slowdown or an outage.

Apparently, these issues on various websites are being caused by a partial outage of Amazon’s Web Services (AWS), specifically servers dealing with cloud based computing.

According to USA TODAY, Amazon’s Web Services provides services for 143,213 different websites.



I do apologize for the long hiatus with content, I hope to be posting a lot more in the coming days!





According the The Verge, Amazon has stated that their Web Services are fully back online as of 5:00 pm ET.  Officially, the issues started around 12:40 pm ET.

Amazon has been very reliable with their hosting services with the last major outage happening on September 20, 2015 when AWS went down in the early morning hours.